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Prestan AED Ultra Trainer
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Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

184.00 (Excl VAT at 20%)


Prestan's new AED trainer is compact and lightweight offering a choice of 5 training scenarios, with universal Adult/Child pads.
Training Pads
Pre-connected pads activate a sensor when placed on the manikin, creating a more realistic training experience. This feature reflects more accurately the functions of a live AED unit.
The dual graphic adult/child pads offer the choice of following an adult or paediatric training programme. Pressing the 'Child' button on the unit will change the scenario to Paediatric with child specific voice prompts.
Programme Options
The new unit allows the instructor a choice of 5 training scenarios, including:
- Turn on or off the 'Give breaths' voice prompt
- Turn on or off the compressions metronome
- Choose fully automatic or semi-automatic function
The menu button enables the instructor to easily toggle through the menu options.

See a video of the Prestan AED Ultra Trainer here [LINK]

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